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    What is ATE power detection system

    Update time:2019-06-02 10:57:22

    The variety of ATE power detection systems can be said to be diverse. Although we can see the traces of the detectors everywhere in various industrial occupations, it does not mean that the types of detectors we see are the same, but they can The sure thing is that the detectors we see are basically the type of small load instruments. Today we will talk about this ATE power detection system, because this type of ATE power detection system is the most widely used in the power industry, then what is the ATE power detection system?

    ATE power detection system: open hardware channel, can increase or decrease various test equipment (including GPIB, RS-232, USB and other interfaces) according to customer needs; support multiple single/multiple output power supply , greatly improve the production capacity of the production line; open software channels, can expand a variety of new test items and functions according to customer test requirements; support a multi-bar code pre-scan function, and support the edge test to scan the bar code function, improve the overall test speed . Support all kinds of power supply (LED power supply, adapter / charger, PC power supply, inverter power supply, communication power supply, etc.) comprehensive test; meet ENERGY STAR and IEC 62301 measurement requirements; support production information system (ShopFloor) Interface; support various power supply parameters test under CV.CC.CR.LED form; optimize display form, hardware equipment any combination. This type of ATE power detection system is widely used, because compared to the small load instruments used, the power of this ATE power detection system is very high, and the detection is accurate, and the cost is not particularly high. . The small load instruments used were not only low in power, but also inaccurate in detection. The most important thing is that the cost is still very high. Now, this kind of ATE power supply detection system is making up for the three defects of low power, inaccurate detection and high cost. Reduce the burden for a wide range of power occupations, bringing high returns.

    We all know that now is an era of very prosperous information technology, so the high-power ATE power detection system is very concerned, after all, the high-power detection system can bring great advantages to the power supply enterprise to a certain extent, not only the province At the time, and the accuracy of the test is to save a lot of money for the enterprise, for the enterprise, the cost savings are invisible to the power companies to bring high profits.