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    Fct test fixture inspection standard

    Update time:2019-06-05 17:10:10

    FCT test fixtures are mainly for functional testing of products, including testing semi-finished products and finished products. Then how can we ensure that the test fixture is fast and the test data is accurate, you need to understand the inspection specifications of the fct test fixture, the following follows the small series to understand.

    Fct test fixture inspection specification:

    1. Repeat the test 10 times with the same good product without taking the release, and verify the stability of the test fixture.

    2. Use the same good product, repeat the pick and place product, repeat the test 10 times, verify the accuracy of the fixture positioning and easy placement.

    3. Verify that the output of the test results of the test fixture is correct and that the pattern meets the requirements.

    4. Check the safety of the operation button, power supply, and pneumatic control section;

    5. Check the stability and protection measures of the fixture, pay special attention to special components, such as external fiber, MIC, active card device, adapter plate fixing module, platen needle module, and other special switching devices;

    The inspection specifications of the fct test fixtures are shared here, and I really hope that I can help you.