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    What is the LED power automatic test system? What is its role?

    Update time:2019-06-02 10:57:31

    The LED power supply automatic test system is an auxiliary device that is used to the automatic detection of the performance of LED power products. It is an automatic test to ensure the function of the product. It can assist in the testing of various power supply semi-products, products, etc., saving the laborious, time-consuming, safe and efficient problems of manual testing.

       In today's society, more and more industries will use automated equipment for testing products. This LED power supply automatic test system has high accuracy, is environmentally friendly, saves time, and greatly reduces labor intensity. Low cost, high return value. The LED power supply automatic test system is a new type of product that technicians independently innovate and research and develop according to market demand. They can get used to the detection of power products produced by small and medium-sized enterprises. The LED power supply automatic test system supports the integrity test of the LED driver power supply, and can accurately read the current average value and the current effective value of the LED drive being tested, and can easily start the low-power LED drive power source without the high current of the electronic load being launched. The impact pulls the LED driver, the LED power supply automatic test system is set by the system to set the actual LED's on-valve value and the on-resistance point resistance. The test current voltage waveform is very close to the real LED, the high-frequency current waveform is more realistic, dimming Utility test: dimming current, dimming frequency, dimming period.

    After years of research, Guangdong Chuangrui Electronics has realized the intelligence and automation of testing power products. Xiaobian here is telling friends that if you want to reduce production costs and make your products more competitive, you can use LED power supply automatic test system to save costs and increase production capacity.