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    Talking about the classification of LED light source in machine vision inspection system

    Update time:2019-06-05 17:12:25

    In the machine vision inspection system, the appropriate light source and lighting scheme is often the key to the success of the whole system. It is not a simple illuminating object, it plays a very important role and cannot be ignored. Now the machine vision light source mainly uses LED (light-emitting diode), which mainly has the following classification methods:

    1, working principle

    Different application methods or principles are classified, mainly including shadowless light source, coaxial light source, point light source, line light source, backlight source, combined light source and structural light source.

    2, color

    The color of common light sources is concentrated in the visible light range, mainly white light (composite light), red color, blue color, green color, and other infrared light is also popular, and ultraviolet light is applied less for various reasons.

    3, the shape

    Each manufacturer will classify according to the shape characteristics of different light sources, and is also the current classification of dry flow, such as ring light source, ring low-view source, strip light source, dome light source (bowl source/dome light source), surface light source, and the like.

    The selection of the light source of the machine vision inspection system must meet the required shape, illumination brightness, uniformity, spectral characteristics of the illumination, etc., while also considering the luminous power and service life of the light source. Previously, Xiaobian also compiled the common problems of machine vision detection equipment light source selection. Friends who need to know can look at it and hope to help you understand more machine vision related information. You can also pay attention to this site at any time, and more technical articles will be updated later.