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    The need to use automated test equipment

    Update time:2019-06-05 17:11:17

    It is very necessary to test the product before it enters the market. It is directly related to the quality of the product. This is also a behavior of our manufacturer for the brand and for the customer. Therefore, we need to use the active testing equipment. The fixture manufacturer to introduce its necessity.

    1. The test data of the active test equipment is more accurate.

    The human test has higher requirements for the tester and is affected by many aspects, which may affect the data of the test. The test of the active test equipment only depends on the machine operation, and the device actively discriminates whether the data is good or not, the data appears on the screen and is saved, and the test is performed. The data is much higher than the manual detection.

    2, improve the test speed of the product

    If the initiative is 80%, then the remaining 20% manual test can be completed by using 2 people for one day. Therefore, the active test can improve the execution speed, and the same execution manpower can be combined with the initiative to complete the test execution in the shortest time.

    3, saving labor costs

    In the past, several testers manually tested the data of the equipment and took the initiative to test the data of the product. The data was judged by the data. The technical requirements of the technicians were not very high, and a technician Controlling multiple test equipment greatly reduces labor costs.

    The necessity of using the active test equipment is introduced here. The purchase of the active test equipment is preferred by Baitong, and the equipment for measuring test fixtures and active test fixtures is developed.