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    How to design the FCT function test fixture

    Update time:2019-06-05 17:11:49

    The FCT function test fixture can be planned according to the characteristics of the customer. According to the different control modes, it can be divided into the automatic control function test, the semi-automatic control test, and the manual control function test. Then how is the FCT function test fixture structured? The following Baitong first edited and introduced us.

    FCT function test fixture structure planning:

    1. The positioning of the FCT function test fixture should be accurate, the docking of the connector should be smooth, and the internal has to be reasonable. The space of the wiring device control system should be sufficient, and the reserved interface orientation should be correct, sufficient and reasonable.

    2, button lettering need to clear the use and effect of each button and switch, the button is larger, such as emergency stop switch class, need to add white steel maintenance, the height of the steel should not be lower than the highest point of the switch.

    3, FCT function test fixture box lock should be selected with luggage buckle or buckle to facilitate the replacement of parts and maintenance, fiber / MIC / SPK / SIM card imitation plug-in card should be reserved, and the orientation area.

    4. According to the test board and test requirements, after selecting the control method, the fixture can be planned, the carrier board, the pressure plate, the connector module, etc., and it is necessary to consider the functional life, operability, and beauty. It is necessary to make the test stable and long-lived, and the appearance is beautiful and humanized.

    5, the fixture needs to use the green yellow bottom line, the length of 80-100CM, a section of the alligator clip another round or perhaps clamp-shaped terminal.

    Regarding the structural planning of the FCT function test fixture, we introduced it here. In order to prevent the faulty condition of the planned product, we also pay attention to the structure planning. We hope that we can read the FCT after reading this article. The function test has a deeper understanding.