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Provide a complete solution for one-stop power test system

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    General testing equipment
    Limited generality
    Don't support development
    Low reliability
    Operational complexity
    Practicality is not strong
    Fasttest test equipment
    Flexible demand
    Secondary development
    One-piece cabinet
    One-button operation, modular
    Unmanned test
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    Choose Fasttest Three Advantages

    Help improve the productivity of enterprises

    Strong company strength

    -15 years of industry technical experience, with a group of first-class professional and technical research and development personnel

    -The factory area is over 1000 square meters, and the daily output can reach the standard output

    -Developed and designed a variety of functional test systems and automated inspection solutions for many well-known companies (such as Meigu, VTech, Foxconn, etc.)

    A variety of products, a reasonable solution

    -Services industry involves: consumer electronics, automotive electronics, new energy, medical, etc.

    -Can be targeted at the production of the company, and provide a one-stop test system. Complete solution

    -Taking product quality as the foundation of the survival and development of the company

    A good after-sales service

    -Always adhering to the aerospace quality, people-oriented, efficient innovation, driven by customer demand

    -Users can enjoy free technical consulting services for the user and save the complete product technical file for users.

    -After the user encounters the problem and contacts the factory, he will reply within 24 hours.


    • Charging pile pump

      QR code detection, software offline burning, voltage test on the main board, PWMIN/LIN input signal test to GND termi...

    • CCD inspectionWorkpiece shape, foreign object detection in the groove

      In-slot foreign object detection: Check if there are any residual objects in the workpiece slot. The motor drives the...

    • Charging pile pump

      QR code detection, software offline burning, voltage test on the main board, PWMIN/LIN input signal test to GND termi...

    • Automation equipmentCalorimeter

      Generality: Flexible construction according to test requirements, replacement of the same type of product, only need ...


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    Created in 2006, ShenZhen Fasttest Electronic Tech co.,Ltd,fasttest is one professional automation test company dedicated to provide high-end, lean, informatization and intelligent service, which faced to the all kinds of electronic manufacture enterprise. From research & development, manufacture to scheme providing, we devote ourselves to promote the application and popularization of auto...

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